Gymnastics Unlimited Gymnastics Unlimited
Gymnastics Unlimited Gymnastics Unlimited
Gymnastics Unlimited
Gymnastics Unlimited
Program Goals
Gymnastics Unlimited was founded in 1975 and we opened the Orchard Park facility in 1993. We are here to offer the children of WNY the finest, fully equipped gym with caring, professional instruction for all levels. The student to teacher ratio is 8 to 1 or LESS, allowing for personal attention, progressive skill achievement and goal setting. We have only certified, trained, mature instructors. Instructors are current with sports injury first aid and CPR.
Philosophy Programs
Our Philosophy is dedicated to the individual child and to their development as a whole. Our goal is to have each individual enrich his or her life through the sport of gymnastics. We want all children to reach their personal best and in the process enjoy the sport, have self confidence, success and fun.

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Our Programs offer creative ways to help your child develop. Programs enhance positive self-esteem, listening skills and problem solving abilities. These occur while children apply themselves in movement education with gross and fine motor skills. Gymnastics truly is the king of sports. It offers ways to develop strength, coordination, flexibility and mental discipline!


Indoor Playtime for ages 5 years old & under
$5 - for members (children attending classes & in good standing)
$10 - for non-members

Open Workout for ages 6  & up
$6 - for members (kids attending classes & in good standing)
$12 - for non members


Lea Philarom for Qualifying to

National TOPs Testing



For Qualifying to the Region 6

Developmental Team:


  • Jordyn Moonan

  • Alivia Penman

  • Lea Philarom


What We Offer


    • Learning in Motion- 2 Hour "preschool" with a TWIST!
    • Parent - Tot programs
    • Recreation classes for pre-school-18 years,
       boys and girls
    • Open playground time every
       Wed. & Thurs. 12-1:00 p.m. $7 public welcome
    • Girls' competitive and developmental teams
    • Boys' competitive and developmental teams
    • Open tumbling for cheerleaders
    • Advanced classes
    • Group Filed Trips
    • Birthday Parties
    • Sleepovers
    • Open workouts every Friday & Saturday night from
       7-9:00 p.m. Public welcome $12, $6 for
    • Private Instruction available for all levels including
      special needs


Prep Optional Team


Prep-optional gymnastics team program is specifically designed for the gymnasts who want to compete, but want an alternate to the traditional J.O level system (1-10). Prep-optional is a rapidly growing program nationwide. It allows gymnasts to perform routines with more variety of skills and less commitment to hours in the gym ( for example level 4ís come in 7.25 hours/ week and have routines with back handsprings, handstand forward roll, handstand bridge and prep optís can put in many different skills and their training is three hours a week). There are 5 levels of prep opt which gives you the option to grow and advance throughout the program.

  •       Rookie:
          Basic 3 skills bar routine, rolls, cartwheels and round-offs. Similar to level 2-4

          Basic 5-7 skill bar routine, walkovers, handsprings. Similar to level 4-6

          Medium level skills, including saltos and aerials. Similar to level 6-7

  •       Advanced:
          More complex skills including connected tumbling and giants on bars. Similar to level 8.

  •       Superior:
          Most advanced skills including tuck vaults, and twisting and tumbling. Similar to level 9-10.


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Our greatest accomplishment is to see children grow and develop to their fullest capabilities
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