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Sky High All-Stars
What We Offer
What We Offer Sky High All-Stars  
What We Offer

    -pre-competitive team
    -girls grades - TBA
    -practice - TBA
    -COST: TBA

    -competitive team
    -girls grades - TBA
    -practice - TBA
    -COST: TBA
Yearly registration fee: $50.00 - Twinkle and Galaxy:
This fee includes: Team t-shirt, team shorts, team supplies and competition registration
This fee is paid every year upon registering for a cheer team

Uniforms will be paid for by the individual cheerleader (around $120) - GALAXY ONLY!
Sneakers will be purchased by each cheerleader ($30) - GALAXY ONLY (Twinkle may order
if they prefer)
Fundraising Opportunities will be provided to supplement the entire cost (Some fundraising
will be mandatory to cover team expenses)

Cheerleading competitions require a registration fee per team.
This amount will be taken out of the cheerleaders general registration fee
When that fund is exhausted, the payment will be divided among the team
Parents will be required to transport all cheerleaders to from all competitions
Parents will be required to pay for overnight accommodations for non-local competitions

Cheerleading requires complete commitment by the athletes and parents
This is not like other sports - if one cheerleader is missing from practice, or competition the routine
cannot be executed...THERE ARE NO ALTERNATIVES!!!
This is a year long commitment. Contracts will be signed by the parents and the cheerleaders
during the 2nd practice. This contract states your commitment to Sky High all-stars.
Our greatest accomplishment is to see children grow and develop to their fullest capabilities
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