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Rules and Policies
Please make every effort to complete 4 months of classes. Until your child has mastered a few skills, lessons are repetitious, stretches hurt, muscles are sore, etc. We will make every effort to see that your child not only works hard, but has fun too!
• Safety Policies
• Payment Schedule
• Price List
• Absenteeism
• Drop off - Pick up
• Tuition Policy
• Planned Cancellations
• Attire
• Withdrawing
• Monthly Newsletters
Safety Policies   Tuition Policy  
• Students are not allowed on equipment without a coach present.

• Horse playing is not allowed.

• No food or drink and NO GUM allowed.

• Please do not leave your child until they are with their coach.

• Pick up immediately after class is over.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, do not bring / leave valuables in the gym.

Please do not park / stand in the circle, this gridlocks the parking lot.

No child under the age of 18 is allowed to leave the building without a designated guardian or express written permission (those who drive themselves).

• Annual Registration Fee of $40.00 - payable prior to first class.

• Paid registration fees & tuition are non refundable for any reason.

Tuition pays your child's spot in class; it's not based on attendance.

Late tuition payments are assessed a $5.00 charge; Late fees applied week 2 (Seven days after the Saturday in pay week - see schedule -).

Returned checks are assessed a $20 NSF fee.

The adult signing registration / bringing child is responsible for tuition. Please refer to #5 on registration form.

Payment Schedule 2014 - 2015   Planned Cancellations  
Pay weeks:


Week Due
9/1 - 9/6


9/22  - 9/27


10/20 - 10/25


11/17 - 11/22


12/15 - 12/20


1/19 - 1/24


2/16 - 2/21


3/16 - 3/21


4/20 - 4/25


5/18 - 5/23

 Planned Closings - Dec. 24th - Jan. 1rst
                *Winter Recess*
(NO make up needed / 5 week month)
 Planned Closings - March 30th - April 4th
                 *Spring Recess*
(NO make up needed / 5 week month)

*Scheduled Breaks:

 Thursday 11/27 - Thanksgiving
(make up day 11/28 from 3-4pm)
 Wed 12/24 & Thurs 12/25 - Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
(make up day 12/29. Call to reserve spot, space limited)

 Fri & Sat 2/7 & 2/8 - Nickel City Competition
(make up day 2/16. Call to reserve spot, space limited)
 Date to be Determined  - NYS Championship
 Monday 5/25 - Memorial Day

Please see the desk to schedule a make up  for these classes

You may schedule make ups for the above days up to 45 prior to missing them. Please call the gym to schedule a make up. Keep in mind the week before and after these dates, make up times will fill quickly. We will only allow 1 make up per group in each class.


Tuition   Attire  

Registration fee $40 - 1st and 2nd child
$35 for 3rd child

Monthly payments assume a 4 week month
Sibling discount is 5% on tuition

We accept cash, checks, Mastercard and Visa

NSF checks are charged a $20 fee
    leotard, socks optional (no tights and wind pants -  too slippery)

    Hair secured off face

    no jewelry, no earrings (including post earrings)
    • T-shirt

    • Shorts with no pockets, zippers, buckles, belts or wind pants
Absenteeism & Make-up Policy   Withdrawing  
• It is the student's responsibility to attend class, therefore, reductions will not be granted for missed classes.

• Students are allowed to make up 1 absence per month. They must make it up within 30 days of the absence.

• The office personnel must be notified in writing of a prolonged illness or injury for exceptions to be made.
• The recreational gymnastics "season" runs from September - June. Any student dropping from the program or going on hold must give 2 weeks written notice.

• Clients are responsible for tuition covering the two-week notice. If notice is not given to the office, the client will be responsible for that month's tuition.
Drop off - Pick up   Monthly Newsletters  
Please do not park in the circle or driveway, these are fire lanes

• Please park your car and come into the building to pick up your child

• At no times should a child be left unattended waiting for class to begin

• Children must be picked up as soon as class is over.

• There is a $3.00 charge for every 15 minutes a child is here after class. Our staff is not able to stay after class or able to tend to children when another class is in progress


• Gives important information on upcoming events

• Includes information on special weekly themes

• Handed out monthly

Extra copies will be available at the desk
if your child was absent
Our greatest accomplishment is to see children grow and develop to their fullest capabilities
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